Safety Expo 2019 | Agenda Provvisoria


We’re currently working on the program for Safety Expo 2019.
While awaiting its publication, you can consult the following synopsis of the meetings that will take place during the event



Conferences, debates, round tables

Conferences and Debates on Fire Prevention.
Organized by the rivista Antincendio in collaboration with the National Corps of Fire Fighters, Public Aid and Civil Defence, and with the Special Permanent Commission for the Security of National Cultural Heritage, both which guarantee high quality speakers and content at every edition of the event.

Professional Training Credits

Conferences and Round Tables on Occupational Health and Safety.
Organized by the magazine Ambiente & Sicurezza sul Lavoro in collaboration with Institutions, Judicial Authorities, Supervisory Bodies, Social Partners, Universities, Industry Associations, and leading experts in the field. To analyse the latest developments and the application aspects of occupational safety, and to seek out common and shared solutions.

Refresher hours pursuant to Italian Legislative Decree 81/08

Professional Training Credits


In-depth seminars on Fire Prevention
Organized in collaboration with the Professional Orders on specific technical regulatory issues. Excellent opportunities to acquire training, to become familiar with the technological solutions, and to learn the best practices

Refresher hours pursuant to 818/84

Professional Training Credits

Seminars on Occupational Health and Safety.
Opportunities to meet and discuss important topics, to acquire skills for minimizing workplace risks, and to help create healthy and safe working environments

Refresher hours pursuant to Italian Legislative Decree 81/08

Training courses

Organized by the INFORMA Institutein collaboration with Roma Tre University, and by AIFOS, he Italian Association of Safety Trainers and Operators, the training courses held at the Safety Expo touch upon the latest safety and prevention topics, thus allowing corporate professionals and managers to improve their skills and obtain the refresher hours necessary to retain their positions and professional qualifications.

Refresher hours pursuant to Italian Legislative Decree 81/08

max 35 partecipanti


Practical exercises aimed at learning the proper use of equipment, machinery, plants, substances, and devices, and the procedures for learning the skills necessary to safely perform tasks at the workplace.

Refresher hours pursuant to Italian Legislative Decree 81/08


Safety is a value that needs to be shared with others. That’s why Safety Expo reserves some of its exhibition spaces for activities that talk about safety in a new manner, and that disseminate a greater awareness of the factors that place safety at risk. The innovative ways to do this proposed at the event include theatre, film, music, imagery, and testimonials.

Refresher hours pursuant to Italian Legislative Decree 81/08